One Page Website

One Page Website

Setting up a one page website

Web design serviceIf you want to look after and build a website yourself, we can set up one page site for you and train you in on looking after the rest of the website yourself.

To create a one page website, you only need to sign up for website hosting and choose a domain name (i.e.

A domain name is the internet address of a website. (For example, is the domain name of this site).

You will need to choose a domain name with a hosting company. Web hosting is where your website actually sits. We would suggest you using the hosting company or as they both support WordPress software.

We can make your one page website visually appealing by adding in good graphic design and image layout.

We can then upload WordPress software to you’re hosting site and build the home page for you for only €100.00 + Vat.

What is WordPress?

Web Designer Dublin is a Web design company that gives you a professional service. We also have a web training service for €50 per hour. For further information email us at:


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