Graphics and images

Web design serviceHaving a visually appealing website with lots of graphics and images makes it easier for the viewing to observe the information quickly.

Adding graphics and pictures to your website makes your website less boring, and show you made an effort on designing your website. Plus, pictures are a good way to separating text, and let people take a break from reading.

A picture can say a million words. It lets users know what your website is about without reading too much copy. Plus, search engines like google, yahoo, etc index your pictures to their image search engines. For example, if you search “Web Designer Dublin”, you might find a few of my images on Google image search.  Try to give your picture file name a descriptive name, and ALT text, so search engine spiders and visually impair people know what the picture is about.

7 tips on graphics and image layout:

  1. Make sure your logo always has a sub line about what your service is and keep it within 7 words.
  2. On your home page try and have the main message of the site set into a graphic image area.
  3. On each page try and have a graphics that supports the copy on the page.
  4. Make sure to name all graphics image with keywords that suit the page content.
  5. Resize all your graphics to the pixels size that is needed, as larger images can slow down the website.
  6. Try and have photos of your team or yourself on the website as this gives your site a more personal feel and service friendly approach.
  7. Try and add images or photos to the site of company events, news or updates on products.

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