Free Website Software

Free Website Software

Use WordPress software to build a website

WordPress is a free website software used for building websites and getting information up on the web. It was first set up for blogs and is a very powerful content management system. It is now used by millions of people around the world in setting up web sites large and small.

  • software can be uploaded to the web site server. This means you have total control of every element of the site.
  • If you get a Web designer or web developer to upload WordPress software to your server they can then add in extra software to suit your business needs.
  • You can build extremely attractive creative sites with
  • It has a very effective search engine optimisation element to it and preforms well with search engine browsers.
  • It is easy to use and can be updated and changed to grow with your Business.

WordPress is user friendly

Experience is not necessary to use WordPress on your website. These days most of the hosting companies provide the ability to install WordPress on your site at a single click of the mouse. The WordPress administration section is easy to navigate and its even easy to add articles/content to your website.

We can add extra software to your Website and WordPress has very advanced extended plugin functionality.

WordPress plugins allow us to do just about anything and we can install what ever extra software is needed to make your website work for you.

Web Designer Dublin is a Web design company that gives you a professional service. We are experts in free website software -WordPress. We also have a web training service for €50 per hour. For further information email us at:

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